My Bounce-Back-After-The-Elections Look


I wish I could say I handled the US presidential election results well, but I did not.

I believed in my heart, so profoundly, that Hillary Clinton would be our next Commander in Chief. And, for the last year or so, I lived my life under the assumption that she would, in fact, be the next president of the United States, so much so that I took it for granted. That life became SO REAL to me that I never gave any serious thought to an alternate outcome… Donald Trump president? Hah, never! So it’s not surprising that on Tuesday November 8th, as I watched Donald Trump take a substantial lead over Hillary Clinton, I felt a wave of confusion and disbelief wash over me. HOW COULD THIS BE? It was a hazy I-don’t-know-what’s-happening-here feeling. The days that followed not fun, either. The next morning I cried profusely watching Hillary’s concession speech. And appetite, what is that? Proper attire? Nope, I think PJ’s will do. I spent a few days in this mushy mess until the weekend rolled around. I had to legit FORCE MYSELF out of the funk. Because, right, what would Hillary do?! So Saturday night I cut off the excuses and got back to dressing up like an adult. I had to bring out my big guns- my signature cat eye. Then I realized I had to put some color on my face so I went for this bright orangey-red matte lipstick. And for my outfit I pulled out this old but new acquisition, this printed, long sleeve, bodycon. So here for you all is my bounce back after the damn elections look! I now feel ready and empowered to put in work for the causes that are most near and dear to me!


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DIY Halloween Minions Costume

Happy Halloween, guys! I love Halloween, I think it’s because we get to dress up as someone else, maybe a character we feel a connection to, and we all get to come together to celebrate these characters! As a Halloween treat I’m featuring my dazzling little sister, Melissa Marquez, on this Halloween special to highlight just how easy and affordable it can be to dress up for Halloween with just a little creativity and some tools.

  1. To make her Minions shirt, she took an old yellow (or purple!) t-shirt and cut it into a more desired, form-fitting shape. (Feel free to practice on other shirts first!)

2. To add the Minions logo to her prepared shirt, she first drew the logo on thick paper and cut it out. She used the cutout as a stencil to make a felt logo and hot glued the felt logo onto her shirt.

3. For the Minion goggles, she cut out the rim of styrofoam cups and covered them in gray duct tape.






4. If you own overalls, great! If you don’t, go to your closet and pull out a denim skirt or jeans. Simply clip on some black suspenders and you’re ready for that halloween party!

5. OPTIONAL: Bring a friend!


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How to Dress Like Supergirl

I’m beyond excited to share with you guys a recent fashion inspiration of mine – Kara Danvers from Supergirl! The show has really done a fantastic job at piecing together Kara’s wardrobe. Episode after episode I not only gush over the beautiful and talented Melissa Benoist, but over those cutesy and super feminine outfits of hers! I love the use of bold colors and patterns, the cardigans, the glasses, but above all, the collar shirts! (worn in my pic above). I even purchased a few collar dresses that I’ve yet to wear but will make sure to take pics and post when I do. I also love that these pieces are casual enough for your everyday wear but dressy enough for the workplace!
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My Little-Black-Dress Alternative



My alternative to the little black dress! This piece here really is so effortless in it’s design- it’s neutral color and typical mini cut make it tempting to categorize it as “meh.” But then something happens; the eye catches sight of the dip in the front, the delicately woven fabric, and suddenly the neutral color resembles a beautiful blushy, peachy-pink and voila! You have yourself a top contender for a night out!

Loose, Wavy Curls at Davidov Hair & Spa

These days we are all about the 70’s-influenced, Farrah Fawcett inspired, face-framing, waves. And for some (like me!) it’s super hard to achieve the look at home, even with a hair wand. Well, recently my friend, Poonam Khemwani, took to Davidov Hair & Spa (stylist, Ben) for a chance at the look and I am gushing over her results! Seriously, look at the volume on this gorgeous head of hair! Her look? Lovely!

Balayage at Alex Anthony Salon NYC


I am ecstatic about my balayage results from the curly hair specialists, Alex Anthony Salon in NYC. I had been wanting to get balayage for a long time but for one reason or another, I never went through with it. For the high cost you want to make sure you’re in good hands. Recently, I went on Groupon and found an amazing deal- $100 for balayage, a deep treatment hair mask and blowout at Alex Anthony Salon. They are highly reviewed so I went with it. When I arrived I was received with a warm welcome and compliments about my naturally curly hair (see my natural hair texture in Velvet is back! and in My go-to dress of summer ’16). I was styled by the funniest, most knowledgable of hair stylists, DASH. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and we talked about what could be achieved, he educated me about the color wheel and the current status of my hair, and despite having to travel to a hair show the very next day, he took his time with me and made sure I looked and felt great. By the end of it I had to tell him the truth- that this would be the first time I’d leave a hair salon actually satisfied, happy and feeling good about myself and my hair.